Ignite 2020 Learning Zone

LRN100Intro to Azure
LRN103Intro to Azure AI
LRN106Intro to Azure Data
LRN114Intro to Power Platform
LRN119IT Operations in a Cloud World
LRN123Intro to Security, Compliance and Identity
LRN124Intro to Microsoft Teams for IT
LRN137Visual Studio Code – Your editor everywhere
LRN142Python: A great first programming language
LRN145Hello, World! in 3 languages
LRN151Create great apps without the CS degree using Power Apps!
LRN154Get started on your HealthTech Journey
LRN157Dynamic websites with Azure Static Web Apps
LRN160The Interns DevOps in IT for Themselves A Beginners Story
LRN163Intro to GitHub
LRN166Getting started with Machine Learning using Python
LRN169The Data Behind Space Exploration with NASA
LRN200Shape data in a Power Apps canvas app
LRN202Migrating to Azure
LRN203Deploy Microsoft Teams Meetings
LRN204Analyze cost and create budgets with Azure Cost Management + Billing
LRN207How to manage insider risk with Microsoft Compliance
LRN208Exploring core concepts in Azure Data
LRN209Create a unified customer profile in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights
LRN212Migrating to Azure
LRN216Work with external data in a Power Apps canvas app
LRN218Exploring core concepts in Azure Data
LRN221Microsoft 365 Defender: Stop attacks with automated cross-domain (XDR) security
LRN222Migrating to Azure
LRN225Manage apps, bots, and connectors in Microsoft Teams

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