How do I insert picture to outlook body message in Power Automate?


A customer complained that they used the following action to send an email with the image, but the email recipient cannot see an email in the outlook client.

Customer’s original way to send an email with picture to send an URL to SPO site.
The Outook client showed the image like shown above

Step by Step Solution

In summary you cannot send an SRC attribute to an url for the outlook client. To protect the users the outlook client will block the image url. You need to pass an image as base64 encoded SRC like the following.

Sample base64 img tag for the send email

src="data:image/png;base64, *****"
alt="an image desc">

***** is the base64 long string.

Step #1:

Get a file from any library where your image resides. e.g. in SiteAssests library. The output of this action will be In the following format.

The output of the Get File content.

    "$content-type": "image/jpeg",
    "$content": ".9jsd…. LONG CHARACTERS IN BASE64"

Step #2:

Create a Compose action to get the SRC value for IMG tag with base64. The expression is a string concatenations.

Using concat function create the SRC attribute value.

concat (
    'data:image/png;base64, ',

Step # 3:

Use the above compose to send an email action.

IMG tag uses the SRC from the compose output.

alt="hey look I can work like this">

Result image was rendered in outlook client

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