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How to extract User Profile Photo using MS Graph API?

Summary The existing Champion Management Platform Teams app created in the PnP community uses the User Profile Photo MS Graph API to extract and update the profile picture with the badge. This article will demonstrate how to do the same … Continue reading

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How to Export Intune reports using Graph APIs?

Summary The following REST API call is to get the InTune report data for the tenant. Please refer here for more details on the API. Step By Step Solution Step # 1 Create an Azure AD app with the MS … Continue reading

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How to prevent ListView WebPart from making frequent Search API calls?

Summary My customer has migrated the classic sites to SharePoint Online. Some sites’ home pages are with the list view web part, these pages make multiple query calls to Search API every 60 seconds. This will make Search API throttle … Continue reading

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How to turn on versioning on ALL document libraries for a site?

Summary The requirement is to turn on versioning for all site document libraries, including subsites. Also, the Major version number should be 500. The following Set-PnPList command can be used to set the Versioning and Major version as 500 for … Continue reading

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Build 2022 – May 24 to May 26

Summary This post is to list the Build 2022 sessions by Solution Areas. Click/Select on the Solution Area topic to get the list of sessions. Azure Azure – Application Innovation Azure – Data Azure – IoT Azure – Infrastructure Azure … Continue reading

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How to get SharePoint audit reports using Office 365 Management APIs?

Summary The following are the customer concerns with the SharePoint sites on Microsoft 365 cloud regarding audit reports. SPO site collection admins do not receive the same GUI presentation for site audit reports that were available on the SharePoint on-premises. … Continue reading

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Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for Power Platform (PP) 3 of 3

Summary This is the final part of the three-part blog post. Part1 and Part2 posts were focused on the basic settings for the Classic UI mode pipeline setup. In this post, I will explain more advanced, modular, and factory pattern … Continue reading

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How to do CI/CD pipelines build for an SPFX on Azure DevOps for the site collection app catalog?

Summary My customer needs a way to help the developers to create CI/CD pipeline build for the developers. The customer has the Azure DevOps Server (ADOS). They need guidelines for the DevOps process for SPFx projects. The requirement is to … Continue reading

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Why should you use compose versus variables in apply-to-each action?

Summary If you have large Power Automate flow and you have used a lot of variables and have looping, I bet your flow performance is not good. If that is the problem, please keep reading you may benefit from this … Continue reading

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How to add Power Virtual Agent (PVA) Bot to a SharePoint page?

Summary As you know the Power Virtual Agent (PVA) is a low-code and no-code solution. It is very easy to create a Bot quickly. Now, if you want this bot on the SharePoint page. There are a few options and … Continue reading

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