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Why SPAppWebUrl is empty string for the SharePoint 2013 provided hosted App?

I created a new SharePoint Provided Hosted App. In the app added a single App part using the add item template. I used the {StandardTokens} in the query string of the start page. I got all other values but the … Continue reading

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How to change default browser for debugging SharePoint 2013 Apps?

Answer: Basically create a dummy new ASP.NET Web application. Change the debug browser menu and run the app. Close the dummy app. Open your SharePoint 2013 App and you should have your browser changed. I don’t know why there is … Continue reading

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How to list the all web parts on a page?

The webparts are on the page. There is a simple way to list all web parts on the page. Simply add “?contents=1” after the page. This will list all the webparts present on the page. You can select and delete … Continue reading

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Securing REST Web API in ASP.NET

The REST Web Api endpoint the customer has developed & deployed to Azure website has anonymous access. The REST end point must be secured. I was investigating the best and easier way to secure the REST endpoint in ASP.NET. There … Continue reading

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SideWaffle template for AngularJS on Visual Studio

The Side Waffle is very useful for the Angular JS development. VsCommands for Visual Studio 2013 is useful add ins.

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Breeze & SharePoint 2013

Breeze is a cool framework to make REST calls from the client side. To better explain Andrew Connal’s blog explains in details The only problem is that it can not do the cross domain calls so the lists on … Continue reading

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Hot Towel for Angular

John has done very good work to explain the Angular JS template App “Hot Towel” It provide all bits and pieces of the App template for the Angular JS

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Zurb Foundation

I just learnt the Zurb Foundation is great for the responsive UI design. I have not used before but I will blog about the tips or tricks on Zurb

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Using UserPhoto.ASPX to get picture from User Profile Store

Problem ======= As you may know the User Profile Picture is stored in My Site Host site collection. The User Profile property PictureURL store the location of the picture. But the problem I ran in to is cross domain issue … Continue reading

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Creating & Consuming OData Services in Microsoft technology

The following are two good urls which can give you all guidelines This is very simple blog on code project.

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