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How to associate full screen Power Apps Canvas App with SharePoint List?

Summary To customize a SharePoint list or library form by using Power Apps is well documented. You can visit this link to see the details. But the issue with this approach is the form does not work as the full-screen … Continue reading

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How to validate the Date control in Power Apps to only allow selection of Tuesday and Thursday?

Summary I needed to restrict the date selection in the Power Apps form to only allow Tuesday and Thursday. Step By Step Solution I assume you know how to create Power Apps form app. Step # 1 I the BorderColor … Continue reading

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How to get List-Field’s information such as display name and static name map?

Summary During the development of PowerShell Script or Power Automate Flow with REST calls you will need a Static Names of the List. The Display name of the list is not same as static name. Please read here for more … Continue reading

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How to get a list of all SharePoint list names that were Customized with PowerApps?

Summary The SharePoint List can be customized. It is as shown here. But question is how to find out all the list names which are customized for PowerApps? Answer It is very simple, I saw multiple places and I want … Continue reading

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