Ignite 2020 Key Segment Sessions

KEY01Building Digital Resilience
KEY02Invent with Purpose on Azure with Julia White and Friends
KEY03Microsoft Power Platform: Fill the App Gap and Supercharge Organizational Agility
KEY04The Future of Work
KEY05Microsoft Dynamics 365: Reimagine How You Can Meet The Needs of Tomorrow
KEY06Achieve resilience with Security, Compliance, and Identity
KEY07Are we there yet? App Development in Azure with Scott Hanselman and Friends
KEY08Envisioning the Future: How Microsoft Approaches Innovation
KEY09Panos and Brad Unplugged A Conversation About New Hybrid Workstyles with Windows and Microsoft 365
KEY10Microsoft Azure Unplugged with Jason and Billy

About Pankaj

I am a Developer and my linked profile is https://www.linkedin.com/in/pankajsurti/
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