How to prevent ListView WebPart from making frequent Search API calls?


My customer has migrated the classic sites to SharePoint Online. Some sites’ home pages are with the list view web part, these pages make multiple query calls to Search API every 60 seconds.

This will make Search API throttle the query and it may have a bad user experience if many users frequently visit the same page multiple times. Read this article on the details of throttling.

Step by Step to diagnose the issue

For an issue like throttling, to diagnose you will need the Browser’s Developer Tools, you can get more information here about the developer tool for the Edge browser.

Open the developer’s tool’s console window and type localStorage.clear() and sessionStorage.clear(). This will clear all the browser cache.

Go to the SharePoint page with List View WebPart. Open the Network tab and watch for the outbound traffic. You will notice every 60 seconds the ListView WebPart will try to refresh.

This happens because the following are the settings for the list view web part.

“Automatic Refreshing interval (seconds)”

Increase the auto-refresh interval and turn it on to show the manual refresh button.


This may be a simple thing and can cause issues only if the page is popular and many users are visiting at the same time. If the user leaves the page active for a long time the auto-refresh will make the call in the interval and the user may not even need the refresh.

The better fix for such a page, increase the interval and provide the manual refresh button so as per the user’s need they can refresh. This will also reduce unnecessary calls to the Search API.

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