How to turn on versioning on ALL document libraries for a site?


The requirement is to turn on versioning for all site document libraries, including subsites. Also, the Major version number should be 500.

The Document Library Versioning Settings for Major Version as 500

The following Set-PnPList command can be used to set the Versioning and Major version as 500 for a Document Library


Set-PnPList -Identity "Documents" -EnableVersioning 1 -MajorVersions 25

The following command can be used to set the Versionins and Major / Minor version numbers.

# In this command the minor version in the UI (as aboove) is the draft version.

Set-PnPList -Identity "Documents" -EnableVersioning $true -MajorVersions 25 -EnableMinorVersions $true -MinorVersions 10


There are two files to automate the process of turning on versioning. The input file is site2process.CSV. The input file is with list of Site Collection URLs to process.


The script file is located here.


Using the above script you can turn on the versioning of all the document libaries.

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