How to create Power Automate flow which can be manually triggered?


It is simple to create a flow for ‘when item created or modified’ triggers. But the customer raise following questions.

How to create a Power Automate flow which can be manually triggered?

How can end user pass inputs to a manually triggered flow?

Step by Step solution

In fact answer is quite simple, there are triggers called ‘For a selected file‘ and ‘For a selected item

The above two trigger can be used to make a manually trigger flow.

Let’s say we want to trigger ‘For a selected item’, once you select the correct site url and list you will see the following option.

Once you select the trigger, these are the options given for adding to gather more inputs from the end user.

For ‘Text’ type user input.

For ‘Text’ user input.
  1. Provide the name of the input like Department
  2. Provide the text so end user can see what the input is about.
  3. Click on the ‘…’ to get various options for Text input. You can choose list of options if you want to limit the end user with defined choice, e.g. “HR”, “IT”, “Legal” etc.

Note: you can also leave it a Text where user will be asked to type the value.

Text Input as the list of options.

For All user input type it is quite simple as seen below


Once you have entered all required input type the end user can go the list or library and select a flow as following.

The manually triggered workflow can be invoked as shown above.

The end user will have now an option to provide all the inputs defined in the flow.

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