How to copy multi choice field in Power Automate?


I have two lists with the same columns. When I use the Create Item action to copy an item from the Source list to the Target list I am not able to get a multiple choice column to populate correctly on the Target list. In the Target list entry, the ActionAssignedTo column returns OData information instead of the values (see below).

Do you know a trick to resolving this issue?

Steps to reproduce the problem.

  1. Create two lists (SourceList and TargetList) with the ActionAssignedTo Multi Choice field and default Title field.
  2. Create a Power Automate Flow with the Trigger “When an item created” on the Source List.
  3. Add the Create Item Action Like the following.

Note: If you add the ActionAssignedTo as a dynamic value it will always add “Apply Each” as this value is an JSON array object.


Note: The ActionAssignedTo field is a multi-choice field. The Trigger output has the values in a JSON array as shown below. Our aim to iterate the values and create another JSON array object.

We will make use of the SELECT action operation.

In the “From” type expression. triggerOutputs()?[‘body/ActionAssignedTo’]

In the Map below type expression. Item()?[‘Value’]

Now add the “Create item” action. Make sure you click on the icon below to turn in to adding expression.

After you click that, now you add the output of the SELECT.


The multi choice values come in as an array for you. To assign this value to create item you must make the values in the format the multi choice field desire. Once you reformat with SELECT the items can be easily assigned to be copied.

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1 Response to How to copy multi choice field in Power Automate?

  1. Donna M Allen says:

    Hi Pankaj,
    I just wanted to say thank you for posting this detailed process for choice fields. This is simplistic and worked beautifully! Your help to those of us still learning is very much appreciated. Thanks!!

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