Build 2020 Videos

SK100 Building modern enterprise-grade collaboration solutions with Microsoft Teams
SK101 Transform everyday business processes with Microsoft 365 platform integrations
SK102 What’s new with Microsoft Teams as a platform
SK106 Tips for Teams developers: Authentication and proactive messaging
SK107 Developing with the Fluid Framework
SK108 Microsoft Graph data and services – a deep dive for developers
SK109 A blueprint for building trustworthy apps that reach millions of users
SK110 What’s new with Microsoft Graph
SK111 Extend Microsoft 365 experiences with Graph Connectors
SK112 Transforming information to knowledge using Project Cortex
SK113 Use External Identities to build digital experiences for any user
SK114 Building trust into digital experiences with decentralized identities
SK115 Building apps for modern productivity with To Do in Microsoft Graph
SK116 Build richer people experiences with Profile API on Microsoft Graph
SK117 Smart meetings, room, places and event sync in Microsoft Graph
SK118 Add cloud-based printing to your application with Universal Print
SK119 React Native: Build cross platform apps that target Windows, Mac, and more!
SK120 Microsoft Edge DevTools for web developers
SK121 End-to-end web development with VS Code and Microsoft Edge
SK122 Building rich app experiences with Progressive Web Apps
SK123 How to bring your Android apps to Surface Duo with Xamarin
SK124 Application security and deployment [MSIX]
SK125 Foundation: Get started building modern Windows 10 apps
SK126 Harness the power of WebRTC in your Windows apps with the new WinRTC!
SK127 Building apps for 1 billion Windows 10 Desktops and expanding reach w/ Windows Virtual Desktop
SK128 WebView2: Bringing the best of the web to your native apps
SK129 Building Extensions for the new Microsoft Edge
SK130 Windows AI: hardware-accelerated ML on Windows devices
SK131 Fluent Design System – Building apps that feel natural on every device
SK133 Accessibility Insights: Open source accessibility testing tools
SK134 Adaptive Cards – The next gen of contextual user experiences in your apps and Microsoft 365
SK135 The Windows Command-Line: Windows Terminal & WSL 2
SK136 Foundation: Windows 10 – features and tools for all developers
SK137 Surface Book 3 – GPU-accelerated application development

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