Getting Group owners using MS Graph API in Power Automate

The call is made using the MS Graph API call.

Q:How does the MS Graph API work?

A: The following are the steps.

  1. Register an Azure AD app with the following API permission granted and consented.
Microsoft Graph (2)
     - Group.Read.All
     - User.Read.All

2. Using the REST API to get the Access Token.

POST<<<Guid for tenant>>>/oauth2/v2.0/token


grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=<<Azure AD App ID>>&client_secret=<<<the secret>>> &



“token_type”: “Bearer”,

“expires_in”: 3599,

“ext_expires_in”: 3599,

“access_token”: “<<blah blah long string>>”


  1. Using the above access token make a call to get the owners.


It will give the data response as the following.


"@odata.context": "$metadata#directoryObjects",
"value": [
"@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.user",
"id": "12d7bb75-763b-4103-a367-e6fa9ca0edaa",
"businessPhones": [
"displayName": "MOD Administrator",
"givenName": "MOD",
"jobTitle": null,
"mail": "",
"mobilePhone": "555-555-5555",
"officeLocation": null,
"preferredLanguage": "en-US",
"surname": "Administrator",
"userPrincipalName": ""

Q: How to make such calls from Power Automate?

A: Here is the answer in the link below.

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