How to navigate to ‘User Photos’ List on my site host?

If you are not aware that the user pictures are stored in the my-site host site collection. The pictures are stored in the ‘User Photos’ list’s folder named ‘Profile Pictures’. There will be three types of picture for an User i.e. Small (S), Medium(M) and Large(L)

Tip to navigate is:

  1. Make a copy of the following string in the clipboard
    • ‘/_layouts/15/settings.aspx’
  2. Navigate to the ‘About Me’ by clicking your picture on the top right side of your SharePoint Site.
    • It may look like ‘’
  3. Now delete the url string after ‘.com’ so new url should be like the following.
    • ‘https://’
  4. Voilà – you should now see the ‘User Photos’ list.

I hope this helps you. J

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