CSS file in the StyleLibrary kept the old copy after deploying the solution

My steps
• I modified existing CSS file in the solution
• Deployed the solution. I saw the file was deleted and updated as new in the Style Library. I saw the date and time as new.
• I checked the pagelayout which uses the CSS did not effect
• I saw the CSS file copy never was updated with my changes.
o I downloaded and saw the copy… no change
o I tried looking in SPD there were no my change
Finally I saw that there is a BLOB CACHE which keeps the copy of the file. The blob cache is defined in the web.config file. This settings needs to be deleted. After that I was able to see the CSS file updating as I deploy the solution.

About Pankaj

I am a Developer and my linked profile is https://www.linkedin.com/in/pankajsurti/
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