The Ultimate Guide to Visual Studio 2010


I had an opportunity to attend the following MS Event at the Downers Grove IL office.

The Ultimate Guide to Visual Studio 2010 (Coding, Debugging, Modeling, Testing, Building and Deployment) By Clint Edmonson & Zain Nabouski

I would like to highlight important information and my favorite features in Visual Studio 2010 product.

VS2010 few Top Features (there are many please visit Zain’s blog)

 Setting a Breakpoint in the Call Stack Window

Moving or Selecting Between Matching Braces vstipEdit0075

Project and Item Template Creation (This one I liked the most and can be very productive for the team of developers)

SharePoint Resources for Developers

The Slide Deck for the presentation

Code Analysis

The legacy code solution and project can be put under Code Analysis tool. The tool allows viewing a high level and deep level the code complexity. I encourage every one of you to read on it and you can visit this site as a starting point.

FxCop and Style Cop

You may be aware of FxCop as a codeplex freeware tool. Now the FxCop is part of Visual Studio. For the SharePoint Developers I encourage you to download the SharePoint FxCop Rule

The Style cop is for the beautifying the code. Basically to enforce the standard coding style guide lines for the enterprise and project. The Style cop can be found here.

UML Related features

Now Visual Studio 2010 supports the latest UML 2.x version. The existing projects (or legacy code) can be reversed engineered to generate the UML blue prints. My favorite feature is to generate the Architectures layer diagram (this is MS version not UML). The layer diagram restricts developers to write code which may be talks to higher layer. In other words the UI layer can be restricted so the code can no call the data layer. These layer diagrams and its dependency can be customized as needed. Please check out the few screenshot here

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