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How to validate the Date control in Power Apps to only allow selection of Tuesday and Thursday?

Summary I needed to restrict the date selection in the Power Apps form to only allow Tuesday and Thursday. Step By Step Solution I assume you know how to create Power Apps form app. Step # 1 I the BorderColor … Continue reading

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How to get List-Field’s information such as display name and static name map?

Summary During the development of PowerShell Script or Power Automate Flow with REST calls you will need a Static Names of the List. The Display name of the list is not same as static name. Please read here for more … Continue reading

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How to get a list of all SharePoint list names that were Customized with PowerApps?

Summary The SharePoint List can be customized. It is as shown here. But question is how to find out all the list names which are customized for PowerApps? Answer It is very simple, I saw multiple places and I want … Continue reading

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How to limit number of checkbox selections in a gallery?

Summary This is text version of the video by Daniel Christian. #1 Add a Gallery control Gallery1 #2 Add a Check Box control in the Gallary #3 Remove the border of the checkbox #4 Add a Label control name it … Continue reading

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How to take an action in Power Automate only when certain field’s value have changed?

Summary Here is the scenario, there is a list named “OrderList” with the following five fields. The end users change any of these fields except Order Status. The Order Status field is changed externally. Field Name Field Type OrderID Number … Continue reading

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How to fix an infinite trigger loop in Power Automate?

Summary Have you seen the following error in your Power Automate? “Actions in this flow may result in an infinite trigger loop. Please ensure you add appropriate conditional checks to prevent this flow from triggering itself.“ If your answer is … Continue reading

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How to get User Profile Properties and ODfB information?

Summary I want to find out the User’s OneDrive for Business url or personal site. I also want to find more such user properties for the user with UPN, such as when the personal site created, if not created what … Continue reading

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How to find all associated Power Automate Flows for a SharePoint list?

Summary A customer showed a working Power Automate for an item created trigger. There was an approval action in the flow so technically only one email should be sent for a new item. But she noticed multiple approvals emails were … Continue reading

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How to create Site Columns using field schema xml in Power Automate?

Summary This is a very simple blog to create site column using Schema XML. The Schema XML can be extracted with PnP.PowerShell. First manually create the Site Column on your site. After you are happy with the created fields you … Continue reading

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How to setup certificate in MAG Azure Function App for PnP.PowerShell?

Summary The PnP.PowerShell supports PowerShell Core. There are few things you must do to make the PowerShell Code to work in Azure Function App. In this article, I will go through the steps by step all pre requisites. Step by … Continue reading

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