Microsoft Build 2023 (May 23-25)


The following is a list of all Build 2023 sessions alphabetically. You can click on the link to get to the session recording (if it is available and you have registered as free). I have crossed out the links where they are not available for later viewing.

360 Degrees of Feedback: Enhancing the Microsoft 365 Developer Program
2023 Imagine Cup World Championship
A lap around the Microsoft Store CLI
Accelerate development with Visual Studio and Microsoft Power Platform
Accelerate your application development with a flexible toolkit of UI controls
Accelerate your data potential with Microsoft Fabric
Accelerating 3D simulation workflows with NVIDIA Omniverse and DGX Cloud on Azure
Achieve more with Azure PaaS: Azure App Service product experts, Q&A
Advanced developer tips and tricks in Visual Studio
AI Infused Omnichannel Communications
AI innovation in the Microsoft Power Platform
AI made easier: How the ONNX Runtime and Olive toolchain will help you, Q&A
All things client and mobile app development with .NET MAUI
AMD + Azure: Outstanding performance and the latest security features
Angular and ReactJS for mobile and desktop apps
Anjuna Demo: Confidential Computing Made Easy
Ansys and Microsoft: Collaboration and tools to transform simulation
Application reliability with Azure Load Testing and Chaos Studio, Q&A
ASP.NET Core and Blazor futures, Q&A
Automate and protect your documents with Adobe and Microsoft 365
Automated cloud application testing with Microsoft Azure and Playwright, Q&A
Automated compliance testing tools for Microsoft 365 apps
Azure Container Instances(ACI) use-cases and roadmap
Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB: Choosing the right architecture, Q&A
Azure Linux: A container host OS for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Q&A
Azure Spring Apps: The easy way to run your apps
Azure Synapse Data Explorer and Delta Lake Integration
Azure-enabled vision AI with NVIDIA AI Enterprise and Jetson
Best practices on managing GPUs in Azure with Run:ai
Better decision making with always up-to-date vector databases
Beyond 300M users: How to bring your Teams app to Outlook and Microsoft 365
Blazor + .NET MAUI – the perfect “hybrid”
Boost Dev Time: Blazor Hybrid App + .NET MAUI = 2X Faster Results!
Build AI-assisted communication workflows for customer engagement
Build and maintain your company Copilot with Azure ML and GPT-4
Build and Maintain your Company Copilot with Azure ML and GPT-4, Q&A
Build and ship global full stack serverless web apps, Q&A
Build apps with state-of-the-art computer vision
Build Intelligent Apps with .NET and Azure
Build IoT solutions with MQTT in Azure Event Grid
Build Modern Applications at Lightning Speed with Orkes
Build scalable and secure enterprise apps on OSS databases, Q&A
Build scalable, cloud-native apps with AKS and Azure Cosmos DB
Build secure applications with External Identities in Microsoft Entra
Build The Best With Active Tests: Shift Left with API Security
Build the next big thing with MongoDB Atlas on Microsoft Azure
Build with Microsoft Word as a platform: Word JavaScript APIs and key user scenarios
Build, Customize, and Deploy LLMs At-Scale on Azure with NVIDIA NeMo
Building Adaptive Card-based Loop components for Microsoft 365
Building AI solutions with Semantic Kernel
Building and scaling cloud-native, intelligent applications on Azure
Building and using AI models responsibly
Building and using AI models responsibly, Q&A
Building Chat Plugins for Microsoft Bing and Edge
Building computer vision applications, Q&A
Building on the Microsoft Cloud: Audio/video calling from a custom app
Cloud Security from Left-to-Right, Intelligent, Integrated, Automated
Cloud-native and Linux on Microsoft Azure, Q&A
Cloud-native development with .NET 8
Collaboration by design in the age of AI and the modern workplace
Connecting and securing workloads from anywhere made easy with AI/ML
Continuous delivery with GitHub Actions
Create custom Virtual Meetings apps with Azure Communication Services and Microsoft Teams
Data analytics for the era of AI
Database capabilities you need for your next awesome app, Q&A
Data-driven app and web development with Microsoft Power Platform, Q&A
Deep dive into .NET performance and native AOT
Deep dive into monitoring your cloud-native environment with Azure Monitor
Deep dive on Azure Load Testing in CI/CD
Deliver AI-powered experiences across cloud and edge, with Windows
Deliver apps from code to cloud with Azure Kubernetes Service
Deploy & manage storage volumes with Azure Container Storage
Designing and implementing automation and conversational AI, Q&A
Designing secure Azure SQL Database solutions
Develop from anywhere with Visual Studio Code
Develop in the cloud with Microsoft Dev Box
Develop modern connected applications on 5G, MEC/Edge, Space, and Azure
Developer career tools: Saying NO to improve mental health, Q&A
Developer joy with Scott Hanselman and friends
Development with accessibility in mind, Q&A
Do We Need Rust Language Support for Azure?
Driving better outcomes through API first development 
e2e testing with Playwright
Edge to Cloud with InfluxDB
Edge to Cloud with InfluxDB
Eliminate data silos with OneLake, the OneDrive for Data
Empower every BI professional to do more with Microsoft Fabric
Enable more sensitive workloads on Azure with confidential VMs and containers
Enabling Successful Confidential Computing with AMD + Azure
Enhance your solutions with new Azure AI products and features
Everything you want us to know about Azure AI services
Everything you want us to know about Azure Cognitive Search 
Execute tests with HyperExecute’s Just In Time Orchestration
Expanding your reach with Windows: How developers can win new users
Explore CIAM capabilities with External Identities in Microsoft Entra
Explore how to build in 3D with Microsoft Mesh
Explore LEADTOOLS AI-powered SDKs: Document and Medical Viewer controls
Exploring the future of AI in SQL and Spark scenarios
Extend data security into multi-cloud apps and solutions
External Identities in Microsoft Entra: the future of creative brand experiences!
Federated Learning with Azure Machine Learning, NVIDIA FLARE and MONAI
Fluent 2: Designing Teams apps that seamlessly integrate experiences across Microsoft 365
Focus on code, not infra with Azure Functions, Azure Spring Apps, Dapr
Full stack scale with the Microsoft Power Platform
Full stack web in .NET 8 with Blazor
Fusion of Remote Operations, Simulation and Digital Twin
GenAI for Knowledge: transform search of unstructured data with personality
Get full-stack visibility into your Azure environment in minutes
Get true zero-trust runtime security in Kubernetes with SUSE NeuVector
Getting started with generative AI using Azure OpenAI Service
GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps: Interactive deep dive, Q&A
GraphQL: New services and tools for building API-driven apps
Harness the power of AI: Extend Copilot and beyond
Harnessing generative AI with NVIDIA AI and Microsoft Azure
Help us elevate your development experience on Windows
How are You Utilizing GPUs? Best Practices on Managing GPUs in Azure
How GitHub builds GitHub with GitHub
How leading AI companies 10x experimentation velocity with Statsig
How leading AI companies 10x experimentation velocity with Statsig
How Secure is your Application and Infrastructure Code?
How to build next-gen AI services with NVIDIA AI on Azure Cloud
How to Create a PDF Document in Blazor Using the .NET PDF Library
How to optimize your vector databases while keeping your data current
How Unit Costs will change the way you think about your cloud bill
HTTP Load Balancing with NGINXaaS for Azure – Azure Native ISV Service
Identity APIs in Microsoft Graph: Advanced Queries deep dive
Increase developer velocity with Azure SQL Database, from data to API
Infrastructure as code in any programming language
Inject the power of the cloud and AI into your development workflow 
Inside Azure innovations with Mark Russinovich
Integrate your data with latest Data warehouse and Data Factory capabilities
Integrating Azure AI and Azure Kubernetes Service to build intelligent apps
Intune support for .NET MAUI on Android
Java experts at Microsoft, Q&A
Kickstart your .NET modernization journey with the RWA pattern
Kubernetes usage and management outside of Azure
Kusto detective agency Q&A
LEADTOOLS Low-Code Document Viewer, Editor and Medical Viewer Controls
Learn how to build the best Arm apps for Windows
Learn Live: Build a bot and Teams tab app with Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code
Learn Live: Build a web app with Blazor
Learn Live: Customize the command bar in Microsoft Power Apps
Learn Live: Enterprise 5G technologies for Azure Cloud Services
Learn Live: Get started with AI on Microsoft Azure
Learn Live: Get started with custom connectors in Power Automate
Learn Live: GitHub administration for GitHub Advanced Security
Learn Live: Introduction to Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes
Learn Live: Introduction to Azure OpenAI Service
Learn Live: Migrate SQL workloads to Azure Managed Instances
Learn Live: Model data for Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL
Learn Live: Publish a web app to Microsoft Azure with Visual Studio
Let’s talk about running your apps anywhere with Azure Arc
Level Up Your Cloud-native Security
Leverage AI Kits for Faster AI Solutions Tailored to Your Needs
Make a Once-in-a-Generation Leap – Migrate to Azure Ampere-based VMs
Manage resources from cloud to edge using Azure Automanage machine con
Metaverse Meets Generative AI: Opportunities & Challenges Ahead
Microsoft and Aisera AI Co-Pilot Demo
Microsoft Build opening
Microsoft Edge for Business: a dedicated work experience with AI, productivity, and more
Microsoft Edge: Bringing WebView2 to Microsoft Teams and beyond
Microsoft Edge: Building Progressive Web Apps for the sidebar
Microsoft Edge: State of web developer tools
Microsoft Fabric Data Factory Q&A
Microsoft Fabric Synapse data warehouse, Q&A
Models to outcomes with end-to-end data science workflows in Microsoft Fabric
Modern Productivity with Adobe and Microsoft
Modern workforce document automation solutions by Adobe & Microsoft
Modernize .NET and Java web apps in Azure App Service
Modernize your applications on Azure SQL Managed Instance, Q&A
Modernize your data integration to enable petabyte scale analytics with Microsoft Fabric
Modernize your Enterprise Data Warehouse & generate value from data with Microsoft Fabric
Modernize your Win32 application for security and privacy, Q&A
Modernizing high volume customer communications platforms
Modernizing with containers and serverless, Q&A
Modernizing your applications with containers and serverless​
Monitor Microsoft Azure SQL with Datadog’s Database Monitoring
Mural + Microsoft: How Mural is building for a hybrid workplace
Native apps for Windows on Snapdragon® compute platforms
Native Authentication for Customer-Facing Applications
New developer experiences in Windows
New PubSub capabilities in Azure Event Grid
News from around Microsoft Graph, Q&A
Next generation AI for developers with the Microsoft Cloud
Next-Level DevSecOps: Secure Supply Chain Consumption Framework, Q&A
No API Left Untested: Shift Left with API Security
NVIDIA AI Enterprise Registry for AzureML deployments of AI Workflows
Open for AI: Secure paths to data collaboration, volume, and diversity
OpenFL (Federated Learning) Building better AI models with private data
Operationalization of AI/ML models and use cases for ChatGPT, Q&A
Optimize your apps for Arm, Q&A
Optimizing Azure Cosmos DB: Strategies for cost efficiency and elasticity
Playwright, Q&A
Power real-time data streams from anywhere to Cosmos DB with Confluent
Practical deep dive into machine learning techniques and MLOps
Practical deep dive into machine learning techniques and MLOps, Q&A
Pragmatic techniques to get the most out of GitHub Copilot
Python web apps on Microsoft Azure, Q&A
Q&A with the team behind Microsoft’s new Linux Distro
Qualcomm Technologies and the power of Windows AI, Q&A
Qualcomm® AI Stack for developers and extension to on-device AI
Rapidly Build Distributed Applications using Orchestration
Real Time analytics – Sense, analyze, generate insights with Microsoft Fabric
Real-time analytics with Azure Synapse Data Explorer
Real-Time Connectivity to Snowflake and 100s of Sources from the Power Platform
Real-time event streaming
Real-Time Solution for Critical Data Migrations and Integrations
Reduce fraud and improve engagement using Digital Wallets
Revolutionize the future: Solutions for scale with Redis Enterprise
Scale observability and secure data in motion with Elastic and Confluent
Scott and Mark Learn to Code
Seamlessly integrate security throughout your code to cloud workflow
Secure and observe your APIs no matter where they run
Secure, govern and manage your data at scale in Microsoft Fabric
Securely test and debug your web apps and webhooks with dev tunnels
Securing container deployments on Azure Kubernetes Service with open-source tools
Securing organizations, pipelines, and integrations in Azure DevOps, Q&A
Self-expression and pronouns in Microsoft 365
Self-serve app infrastructure using Azure Deployment Environments
Set up your dev machine in record time with WinGet and Desired State Configuration
Shaping the future of work with AI
Ship-It safely with GitHub Advanced Security
Simplify Microsoft Entra Workload Identities with DevSecOps
Simplify Your Data Stack: Automate, Orchestrate and Integrate Data
Simplify Your Data Stack: Automate, Orchestrate and Integrate Data
Slow Starts to Stellar Results: How AI Can Improve Team Collaboration
State of GPT
State of the Art Data Retrieval with Machine Learning & Elasticsearch
Streamline eDiscovery with new innovations, including Microsoft Graph APIs
Synapse Data Engineering, Data Science & OpenAI Roundtable
Take your .NET apps to the cloud with Microsoft Azure, Q&A
Technology Vendor Integrations for B2C and B2B applications – Present and Future with Microsoft Entra
The era of the AI Copilot
The future of AI and generative code, Q&A
The future of app development with the Microsoft Power Platform
The future of digital twin solutions in manufacturing
The future of edge solutions in manufacturing
The future of NuGet
The Old New Thing with Raymond Chen, Q&A
The vision of the future with Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) as an authentication broker
Transform productivity with AI experiences in Microsoft Fabric
Transform Teams apps into multiplayer with Live Share
Troubleshooting apps running on Kubernetes
Unblock Cloud Transformation with Anjuna Confidential Computing Platform
Understanding the cryptographic controls in Azure SQL Database
Unleash your Outlook Add-ins experiences into the new Outlook
Upgrade your .NET projects with Visual Studio
Upgrading from Xamarin to .NET MAUI
Using AMD based confidential VMs for your Azure Data Explorer clusters
Using Azure to improve your organization’s sustainability posture
Using Cyber Data To Financially Quantify Cyber Risk Decisions
Using Cyber Data to Financially Quantify Cyber Risk Decisions
Using Spark to accelerate your lakehouse architecture with Microsoft Fabric
UX: Designing for Copilot
Vector Search Isn’t Enough
Vision AI at the Edge for Industrial Inspection
What’s new in .NET 8 for Web, frontends, backends, and futures?
What’s new in .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI), Q&A
What’s new in C# 12 and beyond
What’s new in Container Networking
What’s new with Azure Messaging
What’s next for Azure landing zones?
Windows Hybrid Apps – Developing for the cloud-first future
Windows Subsystem for Android: Opportunities for mobile developers
Write network-aware applications with Azure Programmable Connectivity
You really can manage ALL Microsoft Azure services and features with Terraform

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