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How to always return array object in PowerShell?

Summary I have a PowerShell Script, I get all items from the SharePoint list. After getting all items I want to filter by a condition so I used the Where-Object as following. All worked fine, the condition was hitting for … Continue reading

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Get-PnPListItem errors “The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold.” for over 5,000 items.

Summary I have written Site Provisioning Engine in Azure Function using PnP.PowerShell. There is request list name “Master Site Inventory”. This list grew in size over time. The provisioning engine was working fine but it stopped working with above error. … Continue reading

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How to create a SharePoint List using Power Automate?

Summary Many times the application I have built requires the list to be created on a Site. I found in GitHub sample app (by April Dunnam) to create this list(s) using REST call in Power Automate. I will document this … Continue reading

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How to export SharePoint List Template using PnP PowerShell?

Summary I occasionally need to duplicate SharePoint List Definition from one site to other or some time create a new list from the existing list. PnP.PowerShell can rescue using the Template methods. Get-PnPSiteTemplate Save-PnPSiteTemplate Invoke-PnPSiteTemplate Using the Get-PnPSiteTemplate you can … Continue reading

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